2023 ID.4 shown from the passenger side while connected to a charging station.

Starting MSRP

Meet the ID.4

Built locally in Chattanooga, TN the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV is truly something to behold. On the outside, clean aerodynamic lines make for a striking presence on the road. On the inside, plenty of room makes for a spacious, comfortable cabin-it will transform how you think about electric cars. Best of all, it comes loaded with value.

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 Street level shot of an ID.4 shown in Dusk Blue Metallic, parked outside a modern building.

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Now being built locally in Chattanooga, TN, the ID.4 comes in a new entry level version and price point.

Explore the world of your new EV and follow the progress of your custom build.

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Once you've reserved and ordered your ID.4, you'll be able to view your configuration on My ID.4 Reservation and at participating dealers.

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The strong, silent type.


Drive confidently

The addition of all-wheel-drive in a typical SUV helps give the driver more traction. But the Volkswagen ID.4 is anything but typical.

Available all-wheel-drive means getting a second electric motor at the front wheels–giving you quicker acceleration and intelligent handling that distributes all that power where it’s needed most.

Instant Torque

Electric doesn't have to mean sacrifice.

Not to worry, rev-heads, the ID.4 delivers on exhilaration... and then some. From the moment you hit the pedal, you’ll feel the instant torque. And while acceleration is much quieter than a combustion engine, we can’t promise you won’t break the silence with a few oohs and ahhs. This EV shatters expectations, even when it comes to fun.


The Charger Infrastructure

45,000+ chargers nationwide[C189]

Public charging is a great option when you’re on-the-go, and with an ever-growing network of more than 45,000 chargers nationwide[C189], it’s a convenient one too.

DC Fast Charging

Have charge will travel

The 2023 ID.4 comes with three years of 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America’s nationwide network of DC fast-charging stations[E425] — starting from your date of vehicle purchase.

Electrify America expects to have more than 1,700 charging stations, with over 9,500 chargers by the end of 2025, along major highways and cross-country routes to keep you charged on road trips.

Learn More at Electrify America

Electric now looks as good as it feels.


Settle for more

An SUV through and through, the ID.4 offers a premium experience. From its spacious, modern cabin built for driver and passengers alike, to its sporty, streamlined looks, for those looking for a smart and stylish SUV, here you go

Glass Roof

Get a new view

This expansive available panoramic fixed glass roof lets the light in, providing a sweeping view of the sky. It can help keep the light out too, thanks to an electric sunshade that’s prompted with the swipe of your finger


A brighter future

Talk about a glow up–with LED taillights, and illuminated door handles, the ID.4 practically radiates. And you can electrify your style even more with the available Premium LED projector headlights, illuminated front Volkswagen logo with connecting line, and rear illuminated logo.




Getting where you need to go just got a lot easier. Enter: IQ.DRIVE, Advanced Drivers Assistance Technology featuring hands-on semi-autonomous capability. Includes a set of intelligent features designed to help you navigate the road ahead. [8]

IQ.DRIVE features:

  • Travel Assist
  • Lane Assist
  • Front Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Emergency Assist
  • Blind Spot Monitor (Side Assist)
  • Rear Traffic Alert


2021 ID.4 shown. 2023 features may vary.

Car talk reimagined

Think of the ID.Light as the way your ID.4 communicates with you. An intuitive light bar that runs across the dashboard, the ID.Light uses glowing visual and acoustic cues to telegraph incoming calls, brake warnings, charge status and more.

Intuitive Start

Ready to Drive

The ID.4 senses your presence and intuitively starts when you have your key fob and you sit in the driver's seat, “waking up” automatically. Screens blink on, and the car is ready for the road. Just put your foot on the brake, twist to Drive and you’re off!

Media & Touchscreen Displays

2022 ID.4 shown. 2023 features may vary.

12” Touchscreen Display

Your central hub for your drive, this touchscreen with voice control is equipped with smart features like interactive navigation, climate control and more. So you can get where you’re going, and stay comfortable along the way.

Wireless Connectivity

2022 ID.4 shown. 2023 features may vary.

Featuring Apple CarPlay® integration for your iPhone.

Take your apps for a ride.

To start App-Connect[A010], simply connect your compatible smartphone wirelessly to have your select apps appear on the Volkswagen touchscreen display of your ID.4.


Put convenient tools and information at your fingertips.

Enjoy these features:

  • —Service reminders[C204], scheduling[C205] & history [C201]
  • —Maintenance schedules[C204][C205]
  • —Roadside assistance requests[C206]

Plus, get remote commands and more when you activate VW Car-Net[C211]:

  • —Remote Battery Charging[C212]
  • —Remote Climate Controls[C212]
  • —Charging Station Locator[C213]

[M554] Starting MSRP of $37,495 for a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Standard with single-speed automatic transmission. Prices exclude transportation, taxes, title, other options and dealer charges. Dealer sets actual price.

[E419] 2022 ID.4 Pro EPA estimated total range is 275miles. Actual mileage and range will vary and depend on several factors including driving and charging habits, accessory use, temperature and topography, battery age, load, and vehicle condition. Battery capacity decreases with time and use. See owner's manual for details.

[E409] ID.4 Pro equipped with fast charging capability maximum rate of 135kW. Based on charging at a 135kW or higher charger. Charging times and range will vary and depend on a variety of factors including ambient temperature, charger type, battery age,

[E425] 3 years of included 30-minute charging sessions on the MY23ID.4 vehicles begins upon vehicle purchase. Non-transferable. Not available for commercial use, such as ridesharing. Requires Electrify America mobile app, account, enrollment in 2023ID.4 Charging Plan, acceptance of Plan Disclosure, and $10 deposit to pre-fund Idle Fees and charging after 30 minutes. User is responsible for Idle Fees, which apply beginning 10 minutes after charge session stops or vehicle reaches fullcharge. After the initial 30 minutes of each applicable session, charging continues uninterrupted at then-current Electrify America Pass pricing. There is a 60-minute wait-period between charging sessions in which you receive the 30 minutes of charging under this promotion. In the event of suspected fraud or abuse or other unforeseen events, Volkswagen of America may discontinue or modify the offer in its sole discretion. Frequent and consecutive charging can permanently decrease battery capacity, 42 may not be covered by your vehicle's warranty which may not be covered by your vehicle's warranty.

[8]  Driver Assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner's Manual for further details and important limitations.

[C204] Volkswagen highly recommends that a maintenance service be performed every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever occurs first. Actual recommended service intervals and scheduled maintenance services vary based on vehicle model, model year, and mileage. See your Volkswagen dealer, warranty & maintenance booklet, and/or VW Care Terms and Conditions for details.

[C201] Service history is available as long as work was performed since January 2014 at a participating Volkswagen dealership.

[C205] Requires myVW mobile app. Standard text and data rates may apply.

[C206] Roadside Call Assist connects you to a Roadside Call Assist third-party provider and may require additional payment for services rendered.

[C211] Available on MY21 and newer ID.4 vehicles. Always pay careful attention to the road and do not drive while distracted. Certain services require trial or paid subscriptions, which may have their own terms and conditions. VW Car-Net Remote Access EV requires a VW ID, myVW app, and myVW Account, cellular connectivity, network compatible hardware, availability of vehicle GPS signal, and acceptance of Terms of Service. Not all services and features are available on all vehicles and some features may require the most recent software update. Certain Car-Net services may connect out to 3rd party providers that may require additional payment. Standard text and data rates may apply for app and web features. See Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and other important information at www.vw.com/carnet

[C212] Requires myVW mobile app and acceptance of Car-Net Terms of Service. Standard text and data rates may apply.

[C213] Charging station location information provided by a 3rdParty. Volkswagen is not responsible for accuracy of location or charger availability for any charging station shown.